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KT: Mother, Entrepreneur, Diabetes Advocate

Karen Talmadge is has a PhD in biochemistry from Harvard. She’s currently the executive VP, co-founder, and chief science officer of Kyphon (orthopedic),
which was purchased last year by Medtronic for $4 billion. But first and foremost, she’s the mother of a daughter
who’s had Type 1 diabetes since the age of two. This, she says, is what fuels her passionate work as an advocate for ADA and supporter of a number of
entrepreneurial diabetes-tech…

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Why Testing Matters (Use It or Lose It)

Say what? Am I really sitting here reading all these headlines about how glucose testing supposedly makes no difference for treating diabetes? No. Worse. That it could actually be harmful to diabetics because they’re more likely to become anxious or depressed if they check regularly?
I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but drawing this kind of doofus conclusion that subsequently gets splattered all over front page media just makes me soooo mad.

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Life Disrupted, The Book

For those of you who were old enough at the time to remember life before your diabetes, the term “disruption” may seem like an understatement. Diagnosis is more like a crossroads, where your life morphs from one form into another entirely.
Health writer and blogger Laurie Edwards knows all about this. Maybe even more so than us PWDs, because her life has literally been a string of disabling symptoms, invasive medical tests, IVs, casts on…

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Birthday Wishes and Diabetes Dreams

Another year passes, and how do I feel? Pretty darn good, most days, despite the chronic illness. If I do get the chance to blow out any candles today, what would I wish for? Pretty simple (hoping disclosure won’t jinx me here):

Continued good health for myself and my family. May my three beautiful girls never have to experience diabetes any more up-close-and-personal than they are now, observing me.
A society that can pull together…

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