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The 2nd Annual DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge

A very big announcement today, my Friends. Welcome to the kickoff of the ...
2nd Annual DiabetesMine™ Design Challenge
* a competition designed to foster innovation in diabetes design and encourage creative new tools that will improve life with diabetes *
Two of the most enticing design concepts will win a package of prizes to help further their creative efforts: $1,000 in cash, some pro-bono professional advice from world-renowned design experts, and free access to…

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Gentle Pelikan: My Finger Health Challenge Results

OK, so the month of April is coming to a close and it's time for a close inspection of my so-oft-tested fingertips. If you'll recall, I began evaluating the ground-breaking new Pelikan Sun electronic lancing device on April 1 and promised to make a month of it.
Let's start where all good reviews should begin, by explaining the methodology: in this case, utterly unscientific. I simply vowed to use the Pelikan only on my right…

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More Diabetic Moms-to-Be Than Ever

Now here's a study near and dear to my heart: just this morning, Kaiser Permanente released results of the largest study ever to examine trends in diabetes and pregnancy. They looked at both pre-pregnancy Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, as well as gestational diabetes (GDM) in thousands of women who gave birth in 11 Kaiser Permanente hospitals in Southern California between 1999 and 2005. What they found was pretty eye-opening. Among other things:


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Health Care Idea-O-Matic

American Public Media, the people who bring us public radio programs, are very smart. They not only have some very cool ideas, but they also know how to implement them. The latest is something called the Health Care Idea Generator, an "online activity that allows the public to share ideas and solutions regarding America's health care system."
Go check it out.

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It's a sort of interactive "think tank" where "ideas ranging from small…

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Life Without Email? Wassup, Doc?

So a diabetic walks into an endo's office and says, "Hey Doc, can I get your email address in case I have any follow-up questions?" And the doctor replies, "Sorry, we do medicine, not email."
I made that up myself. No, really... I did.
But don't laugh too hard. There is actual proof now that doctors who are willing to email with their patients are a rare breed indeed. I'm very lucky to have found…

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