Seven Words of Wisdom for Diabetes: The Winners!

Seven words to start off this post: My, oh my, what a tough choice (!)Wordsofwisdom_7

When I asked if anyone had Seven Words of Wisdom specific to diabetes, ala Michael Pollan and the New York Times, I’m not sure I knew quite what to expect. Would you take it literally, offering instructions, or provide poetry? Or conjur up sarcasm? What I got was a little bit of everything. Thank you!

You were all so wonderfully witty and profound. Many of you mentioned God, which shouldn’t have surprised me, I suppose: we definitely owe a debt to Divine Intervention for just continuing to be alive with this once-deadly disease.


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So, without further ado, here are my personal favorites, otherwise known as THE WINNERS:

Be diligent. Be educated. You’re not alone.

– from Karin Bowman

Check your glucose. Check again. Check again.

– from Brian (baboone)

Every day is different, not exact science.

– from Karen Doering

Plus … two Honorable Mentions:

Pay attention. Lick your fingers. Move forward.

– from Terry Keelan

Live as if you were not ill.

– from Bearly (K)

Congratulations! btw, it’s definitely worth going back to read them all. Enjoy.

And thank you all for playing!


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  1. Bill Woods
    Bill Woods March 27, 2008 at 4:21 pm | | Reply

    I must say I love your updated Diabeteic info presented in a real life manner. I wish I could have chimed in earlier with my message.

    “The only thing constant in Diabetes is change. Keep your sails up and blood sugars low.”

    Your site, specifically on your Dexcom series of blogs gave me the idea to turn them into videos.

    Under 1HappyDiabetic. Hope you like the videos. Thanks agoing for your openess.

    Bill Woods 2 decades worth of Diabetes challenges and successes!

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