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Jumping in with Both Feet

A little sneak-preview today of something I’m very excited about: for quite a while now, I’ve obviously been following all sorts of interactive “Health 2.0″ sites for people with diabetes. On top of that, I’ve been mulling over how to build out my setup here at to allow for more community conversation. Another message board or chat forum just didn’t seem to be the answer.
Today I happily announce a partnership with a brand…

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Life with Diabetes Complications

Lately, I’ve been coming face-to-face with the scary stuff: long-term complications of diabetes. Those of us who haven’t experienced them tend to think that developing complications is the end of the world. Wrong.
For a project I’m working on, I’ve been interviewing people all over the country living with neuropathy, kidney disease, eye disease, heart disease, gastroparesis — you name it. And I’ve learned some very valuable lessons. Please take a read in the March…

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Meet Ranae Whitmore: “Heartgirl” Who Transformed Her Life

Attention, please: This lady knows how it’s done. If you don’t think you can lose weight, get healthy, and turn your life around, read this…
I met Ranae Whitmore at the recent Health 2.0 conference. She was there because she is an example of the most amazing Health 2.0 success story you can imagine. In the last 20 months, this 52-year-old Red Cross employee from Iowa managed to transform herself from morbidly obese and dejected…

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Eat Your Greens

They keep telling us we should eat lots of veggies and fruit. Obviously, veggies are better — if you don’t want to spike your blood sugar, that is (D’OH). Well, I don’t eat nearly as many servings of greens per day as I ought to. And don’t pretend you do, either.
So what are our options then? Disguise the stuff? No, I mean like the celebs do, hiding them inside other foods that seem more…

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Spring View of Health 2.0, with a Diabetes Twist

It’s a moving target, of course. The whole concept of “Health 2.0” is still being defined, refined, created and recreated. And it was fascinating to be at the epicenter of this creative quake this week in San Diego, at the H2.0 “Spring Fling” event that brought some of the brightest physicians, web developers, entrepreneurs, healthcare consultants and “ePatients” together in one room.
More Patient Community Sites
As you may have noticed, the concept of building…

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