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My Take: First Impressions, New Type 2 Implant, Test Strip Bidding War, and More

Taking a cue from Kevin, M.D., here's an "at-a-glance" roundup of my take on some news of the day:
1) Dr. Rob reports on the importance of a physician's opening remarks. "Saying the right things at the start will make the job much easier." Ya think?! Nothing is worse than finally making it in to an endo visit only to be greeted with some asinine remark, like the one KK reported last week. Of course,…

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Did I Say Four?

Apparently I have been spreading a rumor that this blog has been in existence for four years. Actually, it dawned on me in the bathtub the other night that having launched in February 2005, last month would have marked the third anniversary of It just seems longer, I suppose, since I got the 'betes four and a half years ago (yes, that one I'm sure of).
This little mixup kind of reminds me of…

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A Lifetime of Troubleshooting

Back in the days of working full-time, this used to be my career motto: "Always be a troubleshooter." That was the advice I gave all the newbies I met about any job they were taking on, whether at McDonald's or on Wall St. Words to live by... little did I know.
Since being diagnosed with diabetes, I feel like a Meister Troubleshooter. It's not just some watchword for the workplace anymore, it's a lifestyle. It's…

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Teaching Patients to Carb-Count

I always find it fascinating to have a window into diabetes "from the other side" -- i.e. what doctors and healthcare providers are doing and talking about. Something that caught my eye in the latest issue of the AADE's journal, The Diabetes Educator: a new 10-step guide to teaching carbohydrate counting, called (oh so cleverly!) C-O-U-N-T C-A-R-B-S.
It's apparently a program to help nurses teach diabetes patients diet tactics with more confidence, which is "shown…

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Diabetes Alert Day 2008: Making it Ours

Today marks the 20th annual ADA national Diabetes Alert Day, a day set aside to spread the word about taking steps to prevent Type 2 diabetes. See this nice little article on all that, including risk factors and a quiz to help people identify early signs of metabolic syndrome.
But every year, I ask myself: What can this day actually do for those of us already living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes? How…

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