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That Sleep Thing

I am writing this at 3:27 am. In the next room, my 8-year-old is slumbering soundly. How ironic...
All those years of fear and loathing of being awakened every few hours by some unhappy baby -- dragging out of bed to soothe a bad dream, find a binky, or change somebody's sheets. Now that all the little ones finally sleep peacefully through the night, I've got some kind of self-induced sleep issue going on. And…

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More Cool D-Opps

Looking for ways to put your diabetes to good use? {Grin} Today's update: two surveys and a casting call.
* A company called M2 Medical here in Silicon Valley is developing "next generation insulin pump technology." To inform their R&D, they want to hear from all us pumpers on our current likes and dislikes, priorities and preferences. Good for them!
So if you'd like to weigh in on what's coming to market next , take…

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ACCORD Study: Wrong and Wronger

The media loves a good scare. So they've jumped all over the failed ACCORD study (Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes) with headlines making it sound like tight blood glucose control is now proven to be "bad for you." Ugh.

As if it weren't difficult enough educating the population about diabetes -- and educating so many people with diabetes about how to treat it -- now we're supposed to question whether we should forgo…

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What the Heck is Oxidative Stress?

I received my copy of the quarterly TCOYD newsletter a few days ago, and was intrigued to find an article explaining oxidative stress. I'd been hearing that term associated with diabetes complications for quite a while now and wondering what the heck the connection was.
The OnTarget blog offers a great core explanation:
"Oxidative stress (OS) occurs when the available supply of the body’s antioxidants is insufficient to handle and neutralize free radicals of different…

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ADA Expo Recap

Saturday Feb. 2 was our "local" ADA Expo event here in Santa Clara, CA. I've been remiss not to mention that I was invited to take part in a very cool panel discussion on Trends in Diabetes, moderated by our own fave D-industry consultant Kelly Close.
As Kelly mentions, I was in excellent company with three other panel participants: Scott King, editor of Diabetes Health magazine; Dr. Karen Earle, head of the Adult Diabetes Center…

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