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Whittling It Down

The thing most elusive to people without diabetes is how much constant work it is, I find. When others see me using a lancet or pushing buttons on my pump and react with that ooh! look, I feel like shouting: "It's no big deal, I do this more than a dozen times a day! Every day of my life!!" So why isn't my @#$! glucose control perfect?
As recently noted, there are just too many…

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Tunes to Trim Down By

Anybody heard about the new rockin' CD called Skinny Songs compiled by Silicon Valley venture capitalist Heidi Roizen? Apparently Oprah, Martha Stewart and even Julie Chen of CBS News are all fans.
I got my "review copy" in the mail last week and listened on my way to the gym. What fun! Everything from the title track "Skinny Jeans" (lyrics by entreprenuer Heidi herself) to the country twang of "Objects in the Mirror (Will Get…

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Talk about perks of having a chronic illness. I get to review jewelry! Have I mentioned that I love jewelry -- even the medical kind? Although the less medical-looking, the better.
So check out this sweet little thang:

It's very Tiffany's, no? How's this for a Valentine's surprise for that beautiful PWD in your life?
This is the latest addition to my medical bracelet collection, the "chunky sterling silver" model from HAH Originals. But don't…

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Wanted: "Cultural Competence" in Diabetes Care

We all know how important it is to feel like you "click" with your diabetes doctor or educator. Things never go well if the individual you're seeing doesn't seem to "get you." Now imagine that they didn't speak the same native language, and had absolutely no sense of your lifestyle, diet, mentality, or aesthetic preferences. In other words, you were being treated by someone utterly unfamiliar with your culture. How could you possibly discuss a…

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NEWS FLASH: Philips Developing a Glucose Breath Test

Justin Mullins over at NewScientistTech has uncovered Philips latest R&D effort for diabetes: a "breath test" for glucose levels (!)
As we know, nobody's nailed the non-invasive glucose testing dream yet. But as reported:
"A possible new solution comes from the fact that, a few years ago, scientists discovered that the amount of carbon monoxide that we breathe out is linked to the amount of glucose in our blood.
"This is thought to be because…

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