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Guardian vs. DexCom, and More CGM Smarts

First off, I wanted to clear up any misconceptions about my perspective on Medtronic's Guardian RT continuous glucose monitoring system versus the DexCom. Many of you came away from my first post with the impression that I prefer the DexCom (Seven). Not true. So far I'm finding the Guardian easier to use and more accurate than the Dex. A few details to elaborate:

* I find the Guardian much less fussy to wear and use.…

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Whatever Happened to... Abbott's Navigator?

Speaking of CGM that's not ready for prime-time, what the heck is the hold-up on Abbott's FreeStyle Navigator, the third continuous glucose monitoring product originally expected to hit the market last year?
In a statement posted last month, the company's website says only: "Abbott's FreeStyle
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System was launched in Europe last year
and is under active U.S. FDA review. Also in development is a fully integrated
blood glucose monitoring system combining…

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Food: the Final Frontier

Last weekend we were hiking with some friends -- former colleagues actually, who haven't seen us in a long time. Hoping to make it a "diabetes-free day," I tried to give the woman an ultra-quick synopsis of what I'm doing these days.
"A diabetes blog? So you write about diet? "
"Well no, hardly ever, actually."
"What? It's not about food? I would have thought that would have been the central theme," she said.

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MiniLinked! My Turn with the Guardian RT

So I'm hooked up... I finally got my chance to try Medtronic's MiniMed Guardian RT, the only other continuous glucose monitoring system currently on the market besides the DexCom. I am one of the few who's had the chance to sample both. So far, it's been a somewhat bumpy beginning, which leads me to believe that my initial conclusion was spot-on: CGM is a great idea that's still in its infancy and not quite ready…

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10 Little-Known Facts About Your Immune System

I honestly thought that with Type 1 diabetes, my immune system was shot to hell. But my husband and oldest daughter always get sick faster and longer than I do. Somehow I seem to fight off "bugs" better than they do. How can this be?
Curious as ever, I spent a little time looking into the human immune system and found some pretty intriguing trivia, compiled here for your reading pleasure:
1) Type 1 diabetes…

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