NEWS FLASH: Philips Developing a Glucose Breath Test

Justin Mullins over at NewScientistTech has uncovered Philips latest R&D effort for diabetes: a “breath test” for glucose levels (!)Philips_logo_2

As we know, nobody’s nailed the non-invasive glucose testing dream yet. But as reported:

A possible new solution comes from the fact that, a few years ago, scientists discovered that the amount of carbon monoxide that we breathe out is linked to the amount of glucose in our blood.Philips_graphic_3

“This is thought to be because excess glucose stimulates the production of an enzyme called heme oxygenase, which catalyses reactions that release CO2 and other by-products.
“This has given consumer electronics company Philips an idea for a non-invasive blood glucose meter that simply monitors the concentration of carbon monoxide in exhaled breath…

Read the full glucose breath test patent application.”

That’s all I know for now. Could this test be viable and reliable? Cross your fingers till they hurt, People!

Editor’s Note: A big thank you to Allison for the hat tip.


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  1. amber
    amber February 12, 2008 at 2:35 pm | | Reply

    While it would be nice to have something that is non-invasive and/or painless, this sounds a lot like peeing on a stick. You might get a general range of where your blood sugar might be but I’m doubting that it could be able to give an accurate number. It would be great if they prove me wrong, though.

  2. Challenge Diabetes
    Challenge Diabetes February 12, 2008 at 8:24 pm | | Reply

    Take me to the Symphony, Symphony, Symphony

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    Wowthis could be a full-time job keeping up with the world of diabetes technology concept companies. On t…

  3. Albert
    Albert February 15, 2008 at 12:51 pm | | Reply

    wow, that is exciting!

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