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The ADA and The Great Carb Debate

You may have read by now that the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has updated its nutritional guidelines, and the media’s going googly over what appears to be its embrace of low-carb diets, at last. But don’t get too excited. It’s not as if the ADA is admitting any faulty thinking in the past, or even clearly stating that eating low-carb might be the best way to keep blood sugars under control. Personally, I have to…

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Life, by the Spoonful

The incessant need to “manage” my diabetes chips away at my energy, no doubt. Sure, there are good days when I can’t imagine letting it stand in my way. But there are plenty of bad days, too, when I may look and feel “OK,” even while I’m partially falling apart on some level.
So how do I explain this apparent paradox to other people? How do all of YOU deal with the fact that “you…

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The JDRF “Changing with the Times”: A Talk with Aaron Kowalski

Dr. Aaron Kowalski joined the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) a few years ago as strategic director of research, and heads the organization’s exciting Artificial Pancreas Project — a multi-million dollar initiative for accelerating development of a “closed-loop automated insulin-delivery system.” In this role, he now works with more than 20 companies creating new diabetes technologies for improving blood sugar control in people with diabetes. Besides being an incredibly smart and personable guy, he’s also…

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You Know You’re Diabetic When…

A little Monday Madness, postponed this week to start your back-to-work New Year off with a smile.
How do you know you’re diabetic? When…
Any restaurant bragging about it’s amazing “pasta & pizza” is your definition of a Torture Chamber.
A really great day for you is defined as “90-120″ — which means nothing to most people you know.
Your “personal mission statement” is… um, “90-120.” Ditto on the 2nd statement above.
Unexplained electronic beeps…

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