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2007, Abbreviated

Taking a cue from Allison via Kerri, I’ve gone and dug up the opening lines from one significant post in each month of 2007. What a neat way to look back on the closing year!

January: Down on Big Pharma? You are not alone.
February: Lots of press recently about Merck’s brand spankin’ new Type 2 diabetes drug, Januvia.
March: Some very sad news today, I’m afraid.
April: Big news this week, Folks. Apple Inc.…

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A 5-Letter Dirty Word for Women

That would be R-E-L-A-X, according to the lab technician who performed my annual mammogram yesterday morning. Of course, it’s not easy to relax when you feel like your naked breast is being slammed in a refrigerator door, but her overall point is still well-taken.
Women these days are trying to do and be everything. As 2008 ramps up, I’m feeling the crunch. Let’s take a quick inventory of what’s going on in my life: 5…

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Opportunity Knocks

Knock-knock… Who’s there? YOU. You-Who?
Exactly. Yoo-hoo, PWDs (people with diabetes) and all readers of this blog. If you can forgive this corny opening, please read today’s call for your involvement on several fronts:
1) Want to be a media star? Or at least quoted in a story on “the lack of coordination in health care,
especially for diabetics” in the AARP and More magazines? Journalist and author Shannon Brownlee is working on a story…

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Closed-Loop Progress Report

Further to Aaron Kowalski’s recent JDRF update here on developing a closed-loop system for treating diabetes — and of course the new OmniPod/DexCom deal — I ought to share some official updates from the recent Global Diabetes Summit in Ohio, courtesy of Close Concerns:
• “In a session on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), Dr. Alan Marcus, Vice President and Global Director of Medical Affairs for Medtronic Diabetes, revealed that Medtronic Diabetes will release an enhanced…

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OmniPod + DexCom = Yippee!

[Post title borrowed from a Reader email ]
Today Insulet Corp, makers of the tube-free insulin delivery system OmniPod, and DexCom Inc., makers of the wireless continuous glucose monitor DexCom Seven, have announced plans to develop a combined product. Yippee! Read the full announcement HERE.


The skinny:
“The PDM with DexCom technology will combine the functionality of both systems’ handheld receivers into one single handheld wireless device, eliminating the need for a separate receiver.…

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