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Five Diabetes Headlines - A Quick and Dirty Review

Ricocheting around the press and the blogosphere:
1) Statins for all diabetics -- One-third fewer people with diabetes (type 1 or type 2) would suffer heart attacks or strokes if they took cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, a U.K. study says. If you're over 40, and not already on a statin, you're urged to get on one. The experts say it's like wearing a helmet for protection when you're riding a bike. Sounds good, but there are…

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Asking ADA the Tough Questions

I had actually planned to interview the American Diabetes Association's newly elected Chair of the Board, R. Stewart Perry, when I read about his taking office a few weeks ago. But the questions I wanted to ask were pretty hard-hitting, so it seems the ADA thought I ought to talk with someone in their ranks with both lots of media savvy, and a "deep clinical background."

Dr. Sue Kirkman, the ADA's Vice President of Clinical…

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Your Moment of Zen

Monday Madness this week... well, you just have to view it. OK, so this guy looks a little too much like the Oompa-Loompa in the latest Willy Wonka flick, but his message ain't bad. Yeah, although he kinda lost me when he got to the "fiber" portion of the program.

I, too, need a lot of posting.
Thank you very much. Take care.

[Editor's Note: I haven't forgotten that today is Martin Luther King Jr.…

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Just Call Me Your Highness

It's happening again. The unexplained highs. Going to bed at 84, and waking up at 184 a few hours later -- even after eating two buffalo burger patties with cheese and salad for dinner. WtF?
I MUST be fighting off a cold, although I don't feel any symptoms. I'm using my PMS temp basal to offset this latest bout of SUS -- Sudden Unexplained {blood sugar} Surge. But I am baffled and furious at the…

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Athletes with Diabetes: "Such a New Thing"

If your life is dependent on insulin, and you like to work out hard, here's some very inspiring news: there are lots of other PWDs out there working hard to break ground for you.
I knew about Dr. Matthew Corcoran's diabetes triathlon training camp, and of course I've interviewed a number of competitive athletes here who share our condition, but recently I learned about another cool group supporting "everyday athletes" living with Type 1...

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