NEWS FLASH: Plot Your Health Politics

This just in: (where I also appear) has just released an extremely cool new tool you can use to plot where you stand vis-a-vis the presidential candidates on healthcare issues, called Healthcare ’08. Check it out!

A simple quad chart shows where all the candidates — 5 Democrats and 8 Republicans — stand on the biggest national health issues: Healthcare Reform, Drug Prices, Prevention, Technology (electronic medical records, etc.), and Stem Cells.

The neat trick is that you get to input your own opinions via a simple survey tool — no detail, but at least placing yourself on a “spectrum of sentiment” — and then, Presto! You can see how close your views fall to which candidates.

There are also nifty little pop-up quotes from all the candidates, plus background on everybody’s platforms and campaign promises. Oh, and critique from the HealthCentral election and health experts, of course.

[Editor's note: I suppose I should disclose that when it comes to Healthcare Reform, I apparently fall smack on top of Hillary Clinton. On the Uninsured, I'm with Obama. On Prevention and Drug Prices, I'm floating all alone up there in the "more important" sphere. On Technology and Stem Cells, do you have to ask?]


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  1. Sara
    Sara January 16, 2008 at 4:34 pm | | Reply

    I am pretty party loyal – long, researched story. But it does look like my feelings make best on most graphs with who I am supporting. Good news!

  2. Carly
    Carly January 16, 2008 at 5:20 pm | | Reply

    just like every other issue, dennis kucinich and i match up nicely =)
    imagine: a world without copays!

  3. Jo
    Jo January 17, 2008 at 5:54 am | | Reply

    Well that was eye opening. But I fell right where I figured I would, and with the candidate I support. Amazing — I’d really love to see where in the constitution it says “free health care paid for by higher taxes”? Odd …

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