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So I noticed that some of you are only interested in Health 2.0 stuff if it’s all-diabetes, all-the-time. OK, then. Here are two more new sites aimed directly at us PWDs:

* – yet another social support network for the diabetic community. This one has a very Flickr-ish look and feel, IMHO. It’s created by the folks at WeAre.Us, who’ve recently launched online communities for Crohns, Parkinson’s Disease, and Huntington’s Disease. Seems like you…

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Health 2.0 Strikes Again (Some More)

More new stuff on the web for us patient-types — wow, there’s a lot of them!
* Last week over at Diabetes Daily, Elizabeth and David launched — a new “health community covering chronic conditions, dieting, parenting, dating & marriage, yoga,” and a whole lot more. Interestingly, the site will include some free promotional opportunities for doctors and other health professionals. If you’d like to promote your practice, go on over there and contact…

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Grand Rounds – Plug In Here

Thanks to our fearless leader Nicholas Genes, Grand Rounds is going strong. That’s the weekly roundup of what’s happening in the medical blogosphere. I’ll be hosting here next Tuesday, Feb. 5, with an emphasis on… you guessed it, Health 2.0.
This means we’re showcasing anything having to do with:

Consumers & health care providers working together in new and powerful ways
Helping consumers become empowered and knowledgeable
Making health care more cost-efficient
Price and quality…

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NEWS FLASH: Medtronic Announces CGMS iPro™ Recorder

A new addition to the burgeoning world of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM): Today Medtronic Inc. has introduced its new CGMS iPro™ Continuous Glucose Recorder:
“The iPro allows physicians to uncover patters and potential problems that often go undetected with today’s standard glucose measurements such as finger stick meters and HbA1c tests. Due to the devices’ improved ergonomics, physicians will be more empowered to develop personalized diabetes management programs particularly helpful for patients who experience dangerous…

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A Shot of Joy

I talk a good bit about Joy, but I’m actually a rather cynical person. What, you noticed? Anyway, I don’t exactly believe in the “mood cure” either, so when writer and advocate Riva Greenberg sent me her sweet little new book with bunnies on the cover, I was… well, skeptical.
The book is called “The ABCs of Loving Yourself with Diabetes,” and it features A-Z alphabet illustrations with grinning bunnies, cherubs, mermaids and mice, each…

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