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Web Tools for the Sandwich Generation

Something else to share with you while I’m tip-toeing around the topic of “getting old“:
When my brother and I were both in college, and our poor Mom was running herself ragged taking care of her aging parents while working full-time, she kept making references to “the sandwich generation” — people caught between raising and supporting their children and caring for aging parents or other relatives. What a hectic life they lead. Now that I’m…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 18: How Do You Stay Calm?

Time for another edition of the Diabetic Partner Follies, where the significant others of the PWDs (people with diabetes) are invited to share their experiences — for community building and a bit of strategizing, perhaps.
I say “strategizing” because today’s entry comes from a partner who’s very concerned. She’d like to hear how others manage. Take a read and please feel free to add your 2 cents in the comments section below this post.

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My Day “Away”

I was lucky this year. For Hanukkah, my mom decided to cash in a certificate for a Day at the Spa she’d been holding onto since Mother’s Day, and I was to be her chosen companion. Haha! A day of aromatherapy, foot massages, facial treatments, hot mineral baths and herbal teas. What could be better? Weeelll… leaving the diabetes at home for once would have been nice.
Here’s how it went:
We left just before…

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AARP Asked Me to Post This

Because AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) is cooler than you think. Or at least, that’s what their new blogger Jill Greenberg claims.
I have no idea how old Jill is, but in my head, I ran screaming from her email, shouting: “I am so too young for this!” But then I regrouped and remembered, it won’t be all that long. So I ought be glad that the AARP has adopted a new(ish) motto: “Rethink…

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Reviewing the Literature on SMBG

Last Friday I received my chunky copy of the Nov/Dec issue of “The Diabetes Educator,” the AADE’s professional journal, and discovered a comprehensive 18-page article on the topic, “Does Patient Blood Glucose Monitoring Improve Diabetes Control? A Systematic Review of the Literature.”
First reaction: Wow. I can’t believe the professional community is still asking itself this question.
Second reaction: Wow. Detailed charts of the results of 29 different studies, and the major conclusions are –…

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