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Stand Up for Yourself

Here it is, Folks: the link to our grassroots survey about why we, the patients, believe that diabetes technology matters. Click HERE or on the hot-linked image below.

Thanks to Kelly Close of Close Concerns for putting this together, and Jeff Hitchcock of CWD for his support. I’d like to clarify that the aim here is NOT to knock Kahn or the ADA, but simply to give the patient community a chance to stand behind…

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Those CGMS Insurance Codes

Many of you may have heard by now about the newly created health insurance reimbursement codes for Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems (CGMS). Sounds exciting. But what does it really mean?
As anyone who’s ever run into billing snafus with their health insurance knows (is there a PWD who hasn’t?), you’ve got to have these numerical billing codes assigned, and also correctly submitted, for any medical service or treatment in order for said treatment to be…

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eMedTV on Diabetic Plaque

Just to clarify, that common enemy that all of us with diabetes face is really plaque. No really. Sticky plague that builds up in your blood vessels and causes all of those nasty complications. Watch the inaugural video from the newest online health channel for the scoop:

Isn’t it telling that they chose to feature DIABETES in their launch video? Not just because November happens to be National Diabetes Awareness Month, I’m sure, but…

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On D-Blog Day, Recentering

Well hello there, it’s me. I’ve been busy reporting a lot of news lately, which has been immensely stimulating, to say the least. But today, on the occasion of the 3rd Annual D-Blog Day, I’d like to take a moment to reflect and recenter. Why do diabetes blogs matter? What was the reason that I started this I started this blog in the first place?
Ah yes, in small part because I do not know…

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ADA’s Kahn Responds. Speaking for Whom?

I’ve received an email reply from Richard Kahn, Chief Scientific Officer of the American Diabetes Association, whose seemingly anti-diabetes-technology comments at a recent conference have created quite a storm.
He encouraged me to post his email, and thus I do so here, unabridged:
“I’ve looked at your web-site, and certainly part of the answer to your question is that your own biased and inflammatory reporting contributes greatly to the mis-perceptions surrounding my talk. For the…

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