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Test Strip Art

Back in the summer I was having a little fun bemoaning the trail of all those used test strips that seems to follow me everywhere I go. Well, a number of you got all over my case for not being more organized, by planting some strategic “TS repositories” around the house. So guess what? I took your advice. And here’s what’s come of it:
The Kitchen Repository:

The Upstairs Repository:

My 10-year-old’s Artistic Take on…

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Diabetes Technology Survey: Captain’s Log 11/15

A quick update on our grassroots YES ON DIABETES TECHNOLOGY survey/campaign. I’ve just learned that we have over 650 responses and counting.
Click on the image below to participate if you haven’t yet. It only takes about 4 minutes. Honest.

A huge Thank-You to all the bloggers who are helping to promote this excellent cause. Keep ‘em coming!…

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In All Its Glory

Ah, what a night in San Francisco! Wind-still, fresh, and diabetes-awareness clear blue sky as far as the eye could see.
I’m just back home from the lighting of Coit Tower here in the City for World Diabetes Day. And she was a beauty:

Also, the official proclamation:

And a peek at us organizers — Kelly Close and myself in the middle (me in blue , surrounded by folks from the Bay Area chapter of…

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A Talk with Elliott Yamin: Diabetes Street Cred

Today is World Diabetes Day! In New York City, and around the globe, hundreds of monuments will be lit up in deep sky blue to turn the spotlight on this devastating condition.
Elliott Yamin, the American-Idol-borne pop star who’s stepped out recently as a huge diabetes advocate (he was diagnosed with Type I at age of 16) will be singing today on the UN lawn. Man, I wish I could be there! Because after our…

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Lighting Up San Francisco!

I’m very excited to announce that tomorrow afternoon, DiabetesMine will be co-sponsoring a World Diabetes Day event in San Francisco — we’ll be lighting up Coit Tower in blue!
Thanks again to Kelly Close of Close Concerns for making this happen. This will be the only “iconic building” lit up in San Francisco, and this due directly to her team’s hard work.

For those of you not familiar with our fair city, Coit Tower is…

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