NaBloPoMo, A “Giving Mall,” and More Ways to Follow This Blog

A few indispensable updates:

* I haven’t said much about NaBloPoMo, but am quietly applauding everyone involved! What a coinkidink actually that November is BOTH National Diabetes Awareness Month and National Blog Posting Month, in which all good bloggers are challenged to post something to their blogs every single day of the month. OK, I’m only 95% on board, since I take weekends off. Hell, I’ve been posting every single weekday for nearly three years. So shoot me. NaBloPoYO!

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* The dLife Foundation eMall — perfect for your holiday shopping. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your computer screen, and you can buy everything you and your loved ones’ hearts desire at this niftyDlife_foundation_logo virual mall in which a good percentage of all profits are donated to non-profit diabetes causes via the dLife Foundation. We’re talking Macy’s, the Gap, Eddie Bauer, Barnes & Noble, Bare Necessities, Nordstrom, Best Buy, Petco, and much more. Quite a coup for the dLife team. And as they say: you’re ‘gonna’ shop any waynow shop and help people with diabetes. Note that in recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month, all stores will be giving 25% more to the cause.


* Get via email newsletter. Finally, for all those of you who’ve been writing to me asking how to sign up for email updates, I’ve hopped aboard FeedBlitz at last. Check out the new “Subscribe Me!” window over there at the left. And have a look at the preview. I’m still experimenting a bit, so let me know how the whole sign up and delivery process works for you. See you in your Inbox, then :)


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  1. Kelly Kunik
    Kelly Kunik November 17, 2007 at 6:12 pm | | Reply

    Hi There Amy -
    I’m glad u like my blog- that means a lot to me. Nobody is posting comments though which is a concerning me a bit. It’s brand new, I’m nervous, and I really have no clue as to what I’m doing. Yes, I would love to add a blog roll so we can exchange links, but I have no ideal what that means or how to do it. I have some research to do, but yes, I will add it. Any thoughts on how to actually do that?
    The Coit Tower looks beautiful, I wish I could have been there. Philadelphia had a diabetes Expo
    today in China Town. Not bad, but no Coit Tower! – Kelly K

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