Whatever Happened to…?

One drawback of blogging is that we tend to get all fired up about a topic, and then drop it like a hot potato. I’ve been posting here at DiabetesMine.com for three years now, and some great stuff has gotten buried in the process. So here’s the first edition of my new series called “Whatever Happened to…?” in which I’m planning to periodically revisit some people, products, and opinions of posts-past.

From the Diabetes Partner Follies, September 2006: Linda Blice

Hi Amy,

Nice to hear from you. We are doing OK. My husband is much better about his eating and his meds. HisT1_and_t2_couple doctor has switched him to Januvamet from Avandamet and it is doing a better job for him.

For myself, well, I have lost my health insurance and now am having to deal with trying to pay for my meds and doctor visits. It is very frustrating and disheartening trying to find help. We lost everything in a house fire back in April of this year and the biggest loss besides one of my pets was my insulin pump and meter that went with it. We also lost a c-pap for Ariel’s sleep apnea. With no insurance we had no way to recover our losses. So we keep plugging along.

Well, thats really all I know. Keep up the great work you are doing with your blog, its helping a lot of people.

Take Care,


Dear Linda,
You are an angel. You must be a very positive thinker to start out by saying you’re both “doing OK.” Sounds like an extremely frustrating year. May 2008 bring you improved health and increased joy!


From the Holy @#$! Amazing Stories, April 2007: Marie Dysli

Dear Mrs. Tenderich,

I’ve been meaning to send you an update for a while but never had the chance. So much has happened since the hospitalization! I’ve had really good moments during which I thought I was “cured,” but relapses also. But that is normal. In a word I think I can say that I’m better. Marie

It’s been about four months since I went out of hospital. I am now physically strong and have more energy than before on the whole but still need to rest quite a lot. I do not throw up as much as before the hospitalisation, and there are even days when I do not throw up at all. This big change is mostly due because of a new mental attitude more than an awareness of how dangerous it is. I still have weekly appointments with my psychiatrist and taking an antidepressant. I’m back at University and already under a lot of stress, which does not help the eating disorder but it’s not as serious as a few months back. My hospitalization is a really bad souvenir; I am sorry if it discourages some of you but for me hospital is like a prison, and the nurses and doctors (not my usual one) didn’t trust me at all food-wise, which does not encourage me to talk to them about the eating disorder, or anything else for that matter.

Unfortunately, my BG is still high. Maybe slightly less dramatically high
but still. These things take time so I’m not pessimistic and neither are the
doctors. It’s already a big step that I do not throw up every day. What’s more
I’m doing more injections now; at least 3 – morning and evening with Levemir and
a Novorapid bolus in the morning. The fact that I’m back to my studies motivates
me to do them and with the food because I can’t study properly if I have to
fight a high (trying not to fall asleep during class!!) or if I’m weak because
of the lack of insulin and food.

I’ve been able to run to catch my bus
several times these last few days! It felt wonderful! I was even surprised I
could run and climb the stairs :-D It feels really good.

I hope
those of you who have such issues as I have see a little bit of hope in my
story. There were times when I thought I would never be “normal” or “better” but
the doctors were confident and hopeful. They were right!

I wish you all
the best (even if we have this bloody diabetes!),

– Marie


Dear Marie,

We’re so glad to hear things are looking up. What can I say? Every cloud has a silver lining? We both know that you yourself have to be in a condition to see the lining as silver, not gray. Stay well, Marie! And keep believing in “better.”


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  1. RichW
    RichW October 27, 2007 at 1:30 pm | | Reply

    Wow, these letters were so wonderful. Linda is a survivor. There’s no reason for people like Linda and her family not to have access to affordable health insurance. It can be done. Marie is a strong young lady; stronger than she realizes. My wife and I have two daughters and when I read about a young lady working so hard to succeed I just want to hug her and tell her she can and will make it. I hope that doesn’t sound inappropriate. No matter how hard the struggle life has so many wonderful surprises. The battle is worth it.

  2. Joanna
    Joanna October 29, 2007 at 4:28 am | | Reply

    For Linda not sure of their circumstances at this point in time but I work for a home health care oxygen company and for those who dont have health insurance we offer a financial hardship or offer the equipment at a dicounted price so maybe that might be an option for them. I know what its like to go without health insurance !

  3. Lauren
    Lauren November 7, 2007 at 11:49 am | | Reply

    How can I tell which blood glucose monitor I should have to check my diabetes? Are some brands better than others? Who should I ask for information?

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