Some Fun D-Stuff, In Case You Missed It

In case you missed the FUN, that is. Obviously, I could really use some this week. So here they are, three “diabetic things” that will hopefully make you smile:

*’s “Word In Your Hand” contest — leading up to World Diabetes Day (Nov. 14). Here’s how to play:

1) Write a word in your hand describing how you feel about diabetes.
2) Take a photo, showing the hand with the word.
3) Post it to the photos section of

Here’s my entry, below, just for fun (we’ve offered several copies of our Know Your Numbers book as prizes)


If you haven’t yet joined the all-PWD social network TuDiabetes, you’ll definitely want to check it out. Other fun stuff there includes groups on everything from Diabetic Parents to Athletic Diabetics to Single Diabetics (only 8 members so far, but we know you’re out there!)

* LOL Diabetes – the place for VERY FUNNY diabetes visuals, run by our very own fun-to-read OC’er Kerri M. The site is modeled after, where cat lovers go to giggle. I’d argue we need the silliness even more than they do.

Here’s one of my favorites, submitted by Marvin early last month:


* Diabetic Gourmet vacations — what will they think of next? Sugar Free Lifestyle Adventures bills itself as “the first-ever Diabetic Gourmet Tour operator guiding travelers through Catalonia, England, Northern California and Costa Rica.” These are upscale, all-inclusive vacations designed primarily for people with Type 2 diabetes. But they don’t sound half-bad, if you can afford this kind of luxury.


Founder David Levin apparently once weighed in at 305 pounds. After his diagnosis with Type 2 diabetes and other serious health issues, he got off the couch, lost 55 pounds and normalized his blood sugar levels — “with the help of an extraordinary medical team, healthy gourmet food, walks through thousands of years of history and once again, time on the road traveling.”

Now David says his mission is to help others with diabetes to live a healthy, normal life, without sacrificing comfort or taste. He’s put together a team of guides, certified nutritionists and doctors to create special tour schedules “that rival any luxury operation with gourmet food, spectacular accommodations, comfortable transportation, private cooking classes, unforgettable storytelling, personalized narrated adventures, and much more,” the company boasts.

Prices run average of $3,500 for a week including 4-star hotel, luxury ground transportation, entry to sights and attractions, more than half of the food (guests apparently requested to do some of the eating on their own), travel/medical insurance (which accepts diabetes as a pre-existing condition), private tour guides and a “chief storyteller” host. Airfare not included. Alcohol is not included, and smoking is not allowed. Come on, this is diabetic fun, after all!


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  1. Karen
    Karen October 10, 2007 at 7:22 am | | Reply

    Diabetic vacation? Can I leave my insulin at home too? Plus my test strips? I didn’t think so…thanks anyway!

  2. RichW
    RichW October 10, 2007 at 10:17 am | | Reply

    When I saw the picture of your hand I couldn’t make out the word. Old age has affected my eyes and my ability to remember what the word represented so I scrolled back up and read “describing how you feel about diabetes.” I immediately recognized the word. You win.

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