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Never Too Late to DeLurk

OK, so it’s totally the end of the day now. The kids are in bed, the cat has been ousted. TiVo is running. And I’m scanning for all the cyber-stuff that happened without me in the last 3-4 hours. Pathetic. But valuable, too, because I very nearly missed another official “delurking day” yet again. Geez.
Here’s my reminder button of choice, in Choice Purple:

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “DeLurking” means “to…

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You Don’t Know Jack

[WARNING: Uncheerful post... sometimes we just need to vent]
My husband has this infuriating way of attempting to calm me down when I get worked up about stuff: he likes to say, “It’s really not a big deal.”
I know he means well, but oooh, I could just slap him upside the head when he says that. How the heck do you know what’s a big deal, Sgeeter? (that’s my private little smack-talk term for…

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LOW’s the Word: Contest Winners!

The results of our universal-code-word-for-hypoglycemia contest are in, and they are, well… LOW! Most people seem to agree that anything beyond those three little letters — or perhaps the word ‘GLUCOSE!’ — would just confuse the matter.
Before I get into it, let me just note what a bunch of cynics you all are! (Which is why I love you, of course)
Here’s a sampling of the type of grumpy disillusionment I’m talking about:

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Straight Talk on Diet from a Blog Authority

Anyone here read the Diet-Blog? I am normally VERY skeptical of web sites covering anything-diet, I must say, but this one is not only extremely popular, but quite level-headed as well. Lots and lots of valuable info on new foods, diet plans, fitness issues, lose-weight-fast scams, body image, diet pills, fast food, and more. In short, everything you could ever want to know about all that.
I caught up with editor Jim Foster recently for…

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