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Some Fun D-Stuff, In Case You Missed It

In case you missed the FUN, that is. Obviously, I could really use some this week. So here they are, three "diabetic things" that will hopefully make you smile:
*'s "Word In Your Handā€ contest -- leading up to World Diabetes Day (Nov. 14). Here's how to play:
1) Write a word in your hand describing how you feel about diabetes.
2) Take a photo, showing the hand with the word.
3) Post it…

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The Stinging Cost of Glucose Test Strips

A number of you took the opportunity on the LifeScan "cringer" discussion here to point out how insanely expensive glucose test strips are. Bravo! There is no doubt we get gouged on these things, which cost about a dollar apiece (!) and most of us -- at least most Type 1 diabetics -- use an average of 10-12 per day. I'm crappy at math, but my Casio calculator tells me that's about $4,000/year for the…

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LifeScan Marketing Gone Awry

I am just cringing here, Folks. CRINGING.
In what I consider to be a prime example of patient exploitation, J&J LifeScan stepped over the line late last week when it sent out a so-called "Public Service Announcement" (PSA) pitch to bloggers about its OneTouch UltraMini "Splash of Color" campaign. The email alert I received, which I assume was also blasted out to a whole host of diabetes and health bloggers, insists that "choice of color…

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In the Fast Lane

This past week, my blood sugar control has been crappy, crappy, crappy. (See Wednesday's post for a mood check). At first, I chalked it up to a typical short-lived SUS episode. But now I'm getting kind of pissy about it, because this seems to be a more permanent issue: could my insulin-to-carb ratio needs be changing yet again?!
Why doesn't this $%#^@ disease ever go on autopilot, just for a month or two?
OK, I…

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"Microsoft Wants Your Health Records"

Just a note to flag the big online health news of the day: Microsoft has officially launched its new consumer health management platform, HealthVault -- "a trusted place to store your personal health information," complete with a specialized health search engine.
The service is designed "to help patients coordinate disparate pieces of health-care information, from lab results and prescription records to X-rays and daily blood pressure and allergy readings."
This morning, BusinessWeek, The New York…

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