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The Little Diabetes Book for YOU

As you can see, this compact new 250-page volume by Michael A. Weiss and Martha M. Funnell is actually called, “The Little Diabetes Book YOU Need to Read.” How’s that for making your book sound indispensable?
Mike is a former chair of the American Diabetes Association who’s been living with Type 1 diabetes for over 23 years. Marti (Martha) is registered nurse and prominent certified diabetes educator (CDE), who’s made quite a name for herself…

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Oprah Endorses… the Thyroid

Oprah’s got a new pet project: thyroid disease.
Yup. Early last week, Oprah showcased her own “wake-up call for women” in learning that her sleep disorders and weight gain were in fact symptoms of a defective thyroid, that butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that is “widely viewed as a euphemism for being fat.” Thyroid disorders are extremely common in people with diabetes, especially women.
Some might say it’s about time: Would you believe that the…

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Exubera Goes Phhhttt… What Now?

So I really don’t need to say “I told you so” on the whole Exubera flop business. It was just so darn obvious.
I don’t know if anybody noticed, but the Indy Star article (local newspaper for both the affected Pfizer plant and competitor Eli Lilly) actually quotes me, saying “It’s not just about the funny looks you might get… This is something you need to carry everywhere, to every bathroom, every bedroom, every time…

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Find a Happy Place

Having practically grown up in Disneyland, it definitely feels like going home. Except it seems a lot smaller, and a LOT more crowded, than I remember. Anyway, for a good 60% at least of our two-day annual park schlep last week, it lived up to it’s motto, “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Some memorable moments this year:
* Pulling into my mom’s garage to be greeted by a handmade sign saying:

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Politics, Religion, Sex (um, and Chronic Illness)

What do you talk about at the dinner table?
I discovered years ago that Europeans don’t generally have issues discussing the three topics we Americans consider taboo: politics, religion, and sex. My friends in Germany would say, “What else is there?” Well, illness for one thing…
Interestingly, a new national survey from a company called Evercare just discovered that “Americans are as unlikely to talk to a friend or loved one about better managing a…

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