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Health 2.0 Conference 2.0: ePatients Wanted

The next Health 2.0 Conference here on the West Coast is in the works, and it’s all about us patients!
They’re calling this one “Spring Fling,” taking place on March 4, 2008, at the Westin hotel in San Diego, CA. The Big Idea is “Connecting Consumers and Providers.” I’m excited to report that I’m scheduled to run a flagship panel about patients using Health 2.0 technologies for community and self-care. Cool!
“At the Fall event,…

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The Zagat Guide to HealthCare — And More Thoughts on Scoring

If Health 2.0 is about anything, it’s about making health care more “commercial.” So what about some kind of Consumer Reports-type guide for choosing health plans and doctors? Well, get this: the folks behind the Zagat Survey, that famous slim burgundy restaurant ratings booklet, are making a move into health care with a new online system for rating doctors in one of the nation’s largest health insurers, WellPoint.
USA Today reports that instead of Zagat’s…

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Blood. Money. Diabetes. Baby.

A little Monday Madness. Come on, sing along! You know the tune.
Working so hard every night and day
And never see the pay back
Trying so hard saving up the paper
Can we ever lay back?

Low-carb kisses hold me in your lap of luxury
I only want to fly first class, my pump’s my limousine
So elegant the way we test, our jabs just multiply
There’s a non-invasive dream in the sky

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Whatever Happened to…?

One drawback of blogging is that we tend to get all fired up about a topic, and then drop it like a hot potato. I’ve been posting here at for three years now, and some great stuff has gotten buried in the process. So here’s the first edition of my new series called “Whatever Happened to…?” in which I’m planning to periodically revisit some people, products, and opinions of posts-past.
From the Diabetes Partner…

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Top Secret? Promising New Insulin Pill

I had the most absurdly frustrating phone briefing yesterday with a company developing a very promising new technology for delivering insulin in an oral gel cap: Oramed Pharmaceuticals based in Jerusalem, Israel. Oddly, I was contacted by their PR/Investor Relations firm with the express purpose of “getting the word out to the public,” but trying to pry any of the key details out of their execs felt a bit like talking to the Israeli Secret…

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