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Low-Carb Favorites, from the Devotees

So this whole low-carb thing about diabetes is driving me crazy.
As I said myself recently, when struggling to control your blood sugar, the more carbs, the more struggle.
But I also don’t believe that complete abstinence is the answer (like “just say no” isn’t really the answer for birth control, right?) Carbohydrates are part of life, and part of a healthy diet, too, in moderation. I just wish there were more — and more…

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“Watershed” A1c Campaign: How Much Does It Really Help?

So have you seen the new Know Your A1c national public education campaign? It’s supported by a coalition of all the big names in diabetes organizations — the ADA, JDRF, American Association of Diabetes Educators and the National Council of La Raza (the nation’s biggest Hispanic D-advocacy group) — and backed by a half-dozen major D-pharma players — Abbott, Bayer, LifeScan, Roche, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, and Sanofi-Aventis.
Expert observers say the campaign “signals a watershed…

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A Blog Lost… While Diabetes Thrives?!

For a few years now, my husband’s been saying that AOL is where good services go to die.
Did you catch this veiled announcement last week that would be shut down by owner AOL on Sept. 14, 2007, ostensibly for “not being consumer-oriented enough.” WtF?!
AOL inherited TheDiabetesBlog as part of its 2005 acquisition of Weblogs Inc. Now it looks like AOL is killing off a majority of the existing Weblogs Inc. blogs, with…

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A Sweet New Year

Many of you may know that yesterday was Rosh Hashanah, celebration of the Jewish New Year. 5,768 years into Jewish history, Fall still seems like a good time to me — for “renewal” through new schools, new schedules, new season after a long, hot summer.
And a sense of relief after two days of excruciatingly long services, with the little ones constantly whispering “when’s it gonna be over?”
This year, however, one paragraph from the…

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A Day for Us, etc.

Like Allison, I’ve been swamped with emailed press releases about diabetes campaigns everywhere. This week, my inbox contained pitches for everything from silver-laced footwear to a free annual membership in the American Sleep Association. Like Scott, I keep my skepticism forcefield charged to filter most of this stuff out.
Still, some attention-meriting news always comes through too, including the Mother of All Diabetes Campaigns coming up in just two months (!)… But wait, first things…

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