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AADE Meter News: No Coding (+ Anticipating Navigator)

The theme among glucose meter vendors at this year’s AADE Expo was clear: all the banners read “no coding.” Wow, you mean like I don’t have to worry about syncing up the code number on the monitor and the test strip vial every time I start a new batch? Neat.
Not that matching up the codes is such a big problem for most of us “plugged-in” types. But I understand a lot of people who…

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AADE: Huckabee and The Ladies of Diabetes

Thank God for air conditioning, or there’s just no way the throngs of diabetes educators in St. Louis this week (at the AADE’s annual conference) would stand a chance to learn a thing. But as it is, “the ladies of diabetes” have taken over the America’s Convention Center, complete with pasted-over Men’s Room signs and discreet black curtains covering the urinals. Honestly, this event’s at least 90% women.
But onto the news, and there is…

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Pssst!… 50 Secrets of the Longest Living PWDs

Dr. Sheri Colberg of diabetes exercise science fame and Dr. Steven Edelman of TCOYD have come out with a new book with a quite intriguing title. Everybody loves a secret, right? Well they’ve got dozens of ‘em for you, in 50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with Diabetes (Marlowe Diabetes Library, 2007).
It’s encouraging, informative, and easy to read… definitely my kind of diabetes book! If nothing else, you’ll be delighted to discover how…

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More Great Ways to Avoid Needles

“Don’t call them pumps…” Further to my ongoing pursuit of alternative insulin delivery devices, I’ve learned of a few more highly intriguing models that were showcased via research posters and/or demos at last month’s annual ADA Conference.
* Valeritasā€™ h-Patch technology — a daily-use, disposable, waterproof device that’s as small as a chap stick tube and as easy to apply as a band-aid, according to the New Jersey-based company. It delivers both a fixed basal…

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