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Hey, Coach! So What If I'm Sick?

What about your diabetes and your job? Whom do you tell at work? When? And WHAT exactly do you tell them? And afterwards, are you somehow branded as damaged goods? All tough questions... not to mention the fatigue, frustration, and guilt that often accompany these issues. Couldn't you just use a personal coach here?!
Not as far-fetched as it sounds.
Four years ago, Rosalind Joffe of Newton, MA, launched a chronic illness coaching service called…

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Nope, nothing to do with frozen yogurt. Just a reminder that if you haven't attended one of Dr. Steven Edelman's Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) conferences around the country, get off the couch and do it, will ya?!
Here's the deal:
They're one-day Saturday sessions running from about 8am-5pm. The day starts with a welcome from Dr. Edelman himself, which you will not want to miss (suffice it to say his wife thinks he…

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Jewelry Alert

I just didn't feel like posting today. What can I say? It's so sunny and big blue sky, and my middle girl started AYSO soccer AND got her braces on today. Big family day...
But meanwhile, I discovered this:
The artisans behind InSearchofBalance are hosting a diabetes jewelry contest! (sponsored by TuDiabetes). And the jewelry is NOT EVEN MEDICAL. Not at all, in fact. It's gorgeous handcrafted silver and gemstones set in one-of-a-kind rustic designs.…

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What Do You Want From a Health Site / Community?

Oh, how the health-related websites proliferate. They’re popping up faster than frozen yogurt shops in the 1980's. At least a dozen new health-focused search engines and patient community sites have graciously contacted me in recent weeks asking for feedback on their functionality and patient karma. Sadly, I haven’t been able to do them all justice.
Which makes me think they can’t possibly all survive. I’m guessing that most of you are as busy as I…

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Why Did God Make Carbs So Yummy?

This is a post about binging. Well, not binging exactly, but eating more than one handful of tortilla chips or Cheeto's in one sitting, and then kicking yourself around the block for it the rest of the day.
This is a post about not wanting just HALF an apple -- or not biting into a banana at all just to be on the safe side. Lusting after that banana and loathing it at the same…

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