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More Chronic Friends + Call for Submissions

A few miscellaneous items you might like to know about over the holiday weekend. Or not — what, you won’t be glued to your computer reading me?!
First up, Quote of the Week:
“Exubera was not our finest day,” acknowledged Pfizer’s vice chairman, David Shedlarz, during a recent conference call with analysts. “We made a lot of mistakes with what is a profoundly important therapeutic.” (courtesy of PharmaGossip)
Can you see me smiling?
Second, did…

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Noah’s Voyage: No Rain on This Parade

Call it weird. Call it crazy. Call it magical. Noah Moore, now 25, was a kid with a mission thatā€™s hard to describe. Diagnosed with Type 1 at age 16, he learned to swallow fire, juggle glass balls, break dance, and break down all existing barriers to travel to places like Quilotoa, South America — all to prove to himself and the world that diabetes is no handicap.
You may have seen some of the…

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Avandia: Conspicuously Laying Low

In all my recent coverage of the AADE Meeting, I neglected to mention who was conspicuously missing from the exhibitor floor: GlaxoSmithKline, i.e. no trace of the embattled drug Avandia anywhere.
Thank you to Close Concerns consultancy for accentuating this. Here’s what that group had to say in their latest industry newsletter, released last week:
“There was, as you would expect, a lot of discussion about Avandia but not much consensus. In our discussions with…

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Off to School…

There they go… My little one started kindergarten, and yes, I’m having that parent future shock sort of experience.

You think they could tell which one was my kindergartner? I swear the OneTouch backpack wasn’t my idea! She just really loved that blue……

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AADE Product Watch: the Weird and Wonderful

Expect the unexpected. That’s what they say. A few items that made me do a double-take on the expo floor at the AADE Annual Meeting earlier this month:
* Renew Lancing System from CanAm Care — looks kinda retro and fun to use, but 1) you can’t re-use the tiny needles, and there are just 20 per cartridge, so frequent testers like me would almost use up an entire cartridge every day, and 2) I’m…

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