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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 15: Walk a Mile in These Shoes

Welcome back to the Diabetic Partner Follies, where the partners of people with diabetes (PWDs) come to share. Michael has had a crash course in this disease since his wife was diagnosed, and it ain’t been pretty. Like so many others, he’s searching for some kindred spirits:

I am SO glad I found your site. It’s been a wonderful source of information and humor about PWD’s.
I’m the spouse of a 39-year old type…

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Goodbye A1c, Hello ABG?

Here’s a bit of news from the 2007 ADA Conference last week that I could swear we heard there last year: The world of A1c is supposedly about to change… being replaced by a revolutionary new measure called the ABG (Average Blood Glucose).
Physicians are apparently conducting “a major study” to demonstrate that the new test is indeed superior.
But the experts I’ve queried said they don’t like the concept at all, and that the…

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