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Partners of Diabetics, Unite

Do you live with someone who has diabetes? Or date someone with the disease? Tell us about it. What kind of experiences have you had? Any advice for others? Any heartbreaks or chuckles to share?
This is an official call for submissions to the Diabetic Partner Follies, a series created here at DiabetesMineā„¢ in 2006 to give a voice to the partners of the PWDs (people with diabetes). Anything you want to say is welcome,…

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Help Cure MI

Add another one to the list of invisible chronic conditions suffered in silence by millions. People rarely open up about it, but it is real, believe you me, and can be very painful. What I’m talkin’ about here is a new cause du juor: MI or Massive Insecurity.
Lisa Kogan, a columnist over at Oprah Magazine (which I read only in doctor’s waiting rooms, I swear!) has penned a heartfelt piece on the trial and…

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Blogs That Go “Think”

Another Amy has introduced me to the roving “Thinking Blogger Awards” (thank you!). These were initiated by one Ilker Yoldas of The Thinking Blog in February. Each awardee is tasked with naming 5
fave blogs. It’s a real nice way to pass around some excellent blog recs.
So I thought. And I thunk. But I decided not to get too fancy. I mean, the idea is “5 blogs that make me think,” so they ought…

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I {Heart} Amsterdam, and aDorn Me…

Well Friends, we have landed safely back in the US of A. We spent our last day in a very favorite and familiar city, Amsterdam. Albeit I was busy with a toddler and giving birth to our second child while lived there for 2-1/2 years, but I still managed to get to know the place pretty well. It’s a wonderfully colorful city-village that you can pretty much walk clear across at a good clip in…

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Quality of Life

Spending time in Europe always makes me think about LIFE… the hectic way we drive from place to place at home, versus the long communal breakfasts and peaceful afternoon coffee-and-cake sittings here. Breathlessly fumbling to lock the front door juggling purse, backpack, plastic grocery sacks and sunglasses under the flawless blue California sky, versus hearing the patter of the rain on the stained-glass windows as our familial gathering chatters and laughs over our Kaffee.

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