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Your Meds on Autopilot?

Don't give me that "senior moment" crap: even my kids often forget why they walked into a room in the first place, or why they're standing in front of an open refrigerator door. They also get little floride tablets every morning, and I'll be damned if they can remember whether they actually took their pill or not most mornings. So for us busy grown-ups taking multiple meds per day -- the kind you neither want…

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Don't Give Up

So the weirdest thing happened late last week: the worst and most stubborn blood glucose SUS (Sudden Unexplained Surge) I've ever had, and for two whole days, I was just hopping mad. Felt like my head would explode.
Essentially, I just woke up one fine morning at a praiseworthy 96, but then shot up to 270 after breakfast. Despite numerous corrections and even raising my basal rate by 25%, I hovered between 200 and 280…

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"The Dumbest Idea Ever"

Remember that little discussion about abandoning the established A1c for a new Average Glucose (AG) measurement? Well, guess what? This is pretty much the "dumbest idea ever floated" in diabetes, according to my favorite irreverent industry expert, David Kliff of Diabetic Investor.
Indeed, the ADA and a number of other powerful health organizations -- the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC), European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), and International Diabetes Federation (IDF) --…

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Goody Goodies

Happy Monday!
Ugh, back in the office even though it's summer. Life is so unfair. OK, so... skip the donuts today. Instead perhaps sink your teeth into a few carb-free goodies I have to share:
Who's seen the excellent article on diabetes blogs in this month's Diabetes Self-Management magazine? Yup, this one's penned by our very own Goddess of the OC, Allison Blass. She does an excellent job of explaining blogs and their value to…

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