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Abbott Navigator Approved in Europe!

It seems like we’ve been waiting a very long time for a step forward on Abbott Diabetes’ promising new CGM system, the Navigator. Well, there’s good news today for our diabetic kin in Europe: the Navigator has received “CE Mark” approval, the equivalent of FDA approval for use in adults across Europe.
(Geez, I’m going to be there next week! Maybe I can snake me one… if I only knew how to say “endocrinologist” in…

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Spam Update and the Contest for Healthcare Entrepreneurs (!)

A few announcements today:
First, I’ve been hit by a generous helping of comment spam, forcing me to switch on my “moderate comments” filter. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. If your comment is legitimate, rest assured it will be posted, it just may take a little longer than back in the day when I could just leave comments open without screening everybody. *Sigh*
btw, for those of you who’ve been writing to me…

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When Things Get Ugly

It saddens and upsets me to have to write this. But I have to write this. Despite our community’s outrage over the Doug Burns’ hypoglycemia case, there are times when the lines between “medical condition” and wrongdoing are not so clear…
Two local diabetic drivers here in the San Francisco Bay Area were recently involved in separate car accidents in which people were killed. Both drivers were experiencing insulin shock at the time.

Both drivers…

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Marie Dysli’s Story, Ctd: Does Hospitalization Help?

Who remembers Marie, our friend in Switzerland who is twenty-one and miserable? Well, she promised to update us on her hospital stay for her eating disorder, and she’s proven good to her word. I’d like to note what an effort it takes to self-disclose like this, especially when you feel your life is falling apart at the seams. Extra kudos to Marie for having the will and the wherewithal to share her struggles.
Her brief…

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Aiming for Grace

A little something for your art collection this weekend (courtesy of the LeRoy Gallery). One of my fave fellow D-bloggers, at Aiming for Grace, writes this week about the delicate dance of body and mind that this disease requires — and how we sometimes stumble more than we would like. Trying to get it “right,” and the ramifications of “wrong.” This image reminded me that we are all, in our own fashion, aiming for grace…

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