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The Diabetes Bike Zone

To report on another side of ADA activities altogether, there was of course the Palo Alto Tour de Cure event this Sunday. Thank you all for your contributions! And ooh, man, I am proud of myself. My girlfriend and I zipped through the 30-mile (50k) course, and then I RODE HOME. Yes, adding another 25 miles to the course. (OK, it would've been just 20 miles if I hadn't taken that wrong turn at Sand…

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And Where Was the ADA... ?

When Doug Burns' neck was on the line last month, getting close to being jailed for a case of hypoglycemic confusion, where was the American Diabetes Association? That was my question. I was told the advocacy group provided "legal counsel," but even after interacting with Doug's lawyer, I didn't really see the value-add. So I did a little digging, mainly to find out how much I could depend on this very-visible-but-rather-monolithic organization in times of…

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BlogHer Community Activism: Where's the Healthcare?

The power gals over at BlogHer (online community for women bloggers founded in 2005) have had a stroke of genius: What if, they thought, every one of their 11,000+ members worked together to focus their collective brainpower, ingenuity and influence on one red-hot issue? "How about if that one red-hot issue was the focus of an organized, year-long campaign to make a measurable difference that this community cares about?"
To this end, last week the…

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Report Card Time, and Diabetes Video Stuff

School is out today, and my kids have aced the 2nd and 4th grades. The little one is ready as she'll ever be for kindergarten this Fall (wow, my baby!) And the pride and start-of-summer euphoria extends to myself as well today. I went to see my endo a few days ago, and here's my report card:
A1c - 5.9 (!!) That's literally as low as I've been since immediate post-diagnosis -- and that was…

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CGM: Waiting for Godot

More thoughts on continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) here: Like you, I anxiously await the mainstreaming of this utopia of diabetes management.
It's great to see progress, like European approval of Abbott's much-hailed Navigator system, and FDA approval of a seven-day-wear version for DexCom. (The company will host an open conference call to discuss the new product on Monday, June 11, at 1:30pm Pacific.)
As noted yesterday, however, I believe the benefits of CGM aren't quite…

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