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The Misguided War on Cholesterol? (Or What You Don’t Know About Statins)

“Everyone knows that high cholesterol can lead to heart attacks. After all, doctors and big drug companies have been warning you about it for years. But are they really telling you everything?” I know, sensational stuff here. This is the opening line from a promotional email from a retired MD and author now making public claims that we’ve all been misled by the widespread promotion of statin drugs for reducing risk of heart attack. And…

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Don’t Just Bolus, SUPER BOLUS

Not entirely new, but totally worth revisiting: pumping aficionado John Walsh’s “Super Bolus” method for smacking down high post-prandial glucose levels even before they hit.
The idea here is to combat the effects of high-carb (high glycemic index) foods by taking BOTH the necessary bolus AND the amount of basal you normally get for the next few hours up-front. To prevent going low, you just slash your basal for the next 2 to 3 hours.…

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Kid-Friendly Diabetes Design

Ever notice that none of the pumps, meters, or new CGMs on the market are actually designed for kids?  I mean with bold colors and super-simple buttons and big happy faces… You know, like Fisher Price on insulin? 
Well, all that may be about to change.  As part of the fallout on my iPod vs. medical design post, a 22-year-old industrial design student at Philadelphia University contacted me to say he’s devoted his thesis to…

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The Diabetic Dating Thing

Oh dear, I am so underqualified to write this post — seeing as how I haven’t actually dated in what, 20 years or so? (Gads, that makes me feel old).  But I’m going to write it anyway, because it’s an important topic and I’m curious what you all think.
I realize how hard it must be.  A first date… a dinner.  An offer of dessert?  A necessary shot, or a protruding pump, an unexpected low… …

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Cranky Post

For those of you who still think I’m too chipper, I’ll have you know that even though life is pretty great at the moment, the diabetes has been hovering in the background like a stubborn zit: just can’t seem to enjoy a full day without being reminded of how stupid and ugly it is… Therefore, today a Cranky Post (or Crost), a la Kerri.
So I clock in at 184 the other afternoon, program…

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