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CWD’s Summer Bash

Darn it, another great event I’m going to miss! This year’s Children With Diabetes Friends for Life 2007 Conference July 11-15 (at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Florida) looks, well… extraordinary.

This is the annual reunion-type bash for families and individuals living with type 1 diabetes — although I happen to know that reknowned type 2 journalist David Mendosa will be “sneaking in as an imposter” this year as well. Organizer Jeff Hitchcock tells me…

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Big Pharma TV

On a hat tip from PharmaGossip and a number of others, did you know that…
Four of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies are proposing to launch a television station to tell the public about their drugs, amid strenuous lobbying across Europe by the industry for an end to restrictions aimed at protecting patients.
Say what?  Yup, the UK Guardian is calling it "the shopping channel run by drug firms."  And the fantastic four would be…

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Avandia: DREAM Killer

Yes, yes, yes, Dear Readers, I have read about Avandia causing heart attacks. (Thank you all kindly for the tips.) But what I keep saying is, this is not news; they just have more concrete evidence now for flaws in the drug that were obvious since at least last August.
So much for GlaxoSmithKline‘s “DREAM Study” last Fall, ay? That drugmaker-backed study — the largest D-prevention study ever conducted, in fact — apparently “showed convincing…

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OmniPod Update

Speaking of anniversaries, this Saturday marked my three-month milepost using Insulet’s revolutionary new wireless insulin delivery system, the OmniPod. I feel I owe you all an update. So if the details of cutting-edge insulin pumping interest you, read on
On the whole, I’m at a loss for words to describe how thoroughly this product has changed my life. Let’s just say (conservatively), that I was taking about 6 injections/day before. That’s at…

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Four-Year Diaversary: Dreaming in D

Today marks four full years of diabetes for this particular LADA girl. In some ways, I can hardly believe it’s been that long since that fated day in May 2003. Yet on the other hand, I can hardly remember what life was like before… What did I eat? How did I exercise? Was there really a time when I didn’t have to think so darn hard about every move I make?
And now I know…

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