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OmniPod: The IOB Issue

As a follow-up to my latest OmniPod report, I have done some homework on the Insulin on Board (IOB) issue. Of course, I couldn’t let this go
It turns out I opened a big can of worms, ’cause this feature is highly complex.
First I queried Insulet Corp. on why they made their IOB (aka BOB for “bolus on board”) function work the way it does: it currently shows only insulin delivered as a correction…

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DA: Doug Burns Case to be Dismissed!!

Looks like we have a victory, Folks!
I just got off the phone with Asst. DA Morley Pitt, and he has confirmed what Vivian reported early this am: Doug Burns’ case is to be dismissed this morning!!
Queried on why, Mr. Pitt states, “We have conducted further investigation and concluded that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute the case against Mr. Burns.”
Provided the dismissal goes smoothly, what an excellent testiment to the Power of…

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“Safety Lancets” Go Retail

[And now back to our regular programming... More on the Doug Burns case as soon as I get word]
Have you heard of “safety lancets”? No matter, if you’ve been ever been to see a doctor about your diabetes, I’m sure you’ve seen them. They are those little single-use lancets the nurses and lab techs employ — previously available only to the pros, and now going retail thanks to a company called MediPurpose.
They are…

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CALL TO ACTION: Help Doug Burns Take a Stand on Hypoglycemia (and Stay Out of Jail)

For all of you who are as incensed as I am over the Mr. Universe Going to Trial issue, I now have the information* on how you can speak up today:
Please place phone calls with your objections/support to
- Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe
(650) 363-4752
- Assistant District Attorney Morley Pitt
(650) 363-4785
Please leave angry messages! The idea is to rattle their chain here, and put some pressure on the…

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Would You Believe… Doug Burns Going to Trial?

I just got off the phone with Mr. Universe himself, Doug Burns. (Whoa, another memory-maker I can thank the diabetes for). As you all know, Doug was recently maced and roughhoused by police during a hypoglycemic event at a movie theater here in Redwood City, CA. During the episode, the police assumed he was intoxicated, despite a bystander’s insistance that it might be a diabetes issue. He was handcuffed, thrown into a car, and driven…

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