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Onward and Upward

Friends, I am absolutely giddy over all the discussion spurred by yesterday's Open Letter to Steve Jobs. The idea was to push the issue of medical device design vs. consumer "lifestyle" design to the forefront, i.e. raise a red flag to the tech-design community that can help us, and get people people talking. I'd say we accomplished that with flying colors. Michael Arrington's post over at TechCrunch resonated throughout the blogosphere.
There were those who…

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An Open Letter to Steve Jobs

Big news this week, Folks. Apple Inc. has sold its 100-Millionth iPod. Ah, those perfectly aesthetic little high-tech devices for enjoying your music, yes. Which gives me an idea... Why, oh why, do consumers everywhere get the most "insanely great" little MP3 player, while we whose lives depend on medical devices get the clunky stuff of yesteryear? It occured to me that this is never going to change unless we call on the Gods of…

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Holy @#$! Amazing Stories, Vol. 10: Twenty-One and Miserable

Marie Dysli lives in Switzerland.  She is young, beautiful, diabetic, and miserable.  Last week, she emailed me her story, asking me to share it with the D-community.  "I hope this will help other diabetics and make them feel less monster-like, as I thought I was by combining diabetes, depression and eating disorder," she writes.  Prepare yourself for some alarming honesty:

I’m twenty-one years old and was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 thirteen years ago. My…

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