New Animas “Performance Pump”

Animas, for one, claims that it’s listening hard to what users want in an insulin pump.  When the company launched its new Animas 2020 “performance” insulin pump a few weeks ago, they sure went gangbusters on the testimonials, that’s for sure. Check out the product website, featuring a whole lot of streaming video of both patients and company insiders talking about the benefits of pumping, and their rugged new design. (Of course, “rugged” may not be the look you’re going for…)

Animas_2020_performance But is this sturdy new compact pump with a backlit OLED screen really a new pinnacle of “the convergence of new technology and diabetes management,” as the company claims?  I guess the jury’s still out, since not a lot of us have used it yet.  From what I can tell, quite a few D-bloggers are signing up to upgrade soon.

What’s different? 

* Now the smallest traditional pump on the market.

* First pump to feature an Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display screen providing brighter, clearer images. (OLED is the same technology used in today’s TVs, digital cameras, PDAs, etc.)

* Better precision of dosing, with minimum adjustment increment of 0.025 U/hr.

* Uses a long-lasting lithium battery that can withstand severe high and low temperatures.

* “Personalized Audio Notification” — You can apparently compose your own tune or set to vibrate for most pump alert sounds.  Now THAT is cool!

* Waterproof at 12 feet for 24 hours.

*  Comprehensive Memory that stores your last 500 BG values and bolus doses, plus a whole mess of other stats that can be easily downloaded to the company’s ezManager  software (presumably better record-keeping than other pumps offer).

If I weren’t so happy pumping without tubes, this one might be tempting.  At least you can choose from silver, blue, or black, plus those colorful ezFlip covers

So what’s D’Buzz on this model, guys?


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  1. Jana
    Jana April 19, 2007 at 7:00 am | | Reply

    So “rugged” is what they’re trying to sell it as? Ugh. I still think it’s godawfully ugly. And while before I chose my Minimed 522 pump I was somewhat tempted by the .025 bolus increments that Animas has, I’ve been doing just fine with Minimed’s .05 units/hr increments.

  2. rdv
    rdv April 19, 2007 at 7:15 am | | Reply

    I’m actually a little disappointed in this “new” pump – I’m not sure that it’s so “new.” I wear an Animas IR 1250, which looks identical to the 2020 except that it has a monochrome display. I’ve been happy with it for the most part, but I’m also had pump envy over the Omnipod. It seems to me that the 2020 is just a refresh of an existing design to add a few more bells and whistles in Software and an improved display. I would have preferred that Animas spend the time and effort trying to close the loop in some way.

    I’m glad that they’ve updated part of their website, though. The old one was looking tired.

  3. Nicolep
    Nicolep April 19, 2007 at 7:53 am | | Reply

    I just received mine. I think it’s pretty nifty. And, Jana, it’s definitely not any “uglier” than a Minimed or a Cozmo. It is smaller (awesome), the screen is cool (awesome), and the basal increments really do make a difference for the insulin sensitive like me (awesome), also I am getting lots of use out of the food wizard… I will say the button pushing is increased with this machine – apparently, according to my pump trainer, due to patenting issues around some technology. I’ll be blogging about it soon…

    All in all, I’d give the new pump a slightly higher grade than my old Cozmo. I have signed on to get the upgrade for the Cozmo though – as I’d like to see what their new features offer.

  4. Suzanne
    Suzanne April 19, 2007 at 8:21 am | | Reply

    I really don’t get it. According to their web site, the Animas IR 1250 is still smaller than this “new” one. As far as I can see, the only difference is the full color screen — who really cares? My IR 1250 has all of the same features this new one lists. I even composed my own alarm/reminder tones. I’m really happy with Animas and think my pump is small & sleek, but I agree with rdv… what happened to Animas’ promise that they’re working on an implantable, Infrared method of reading blood sugars and wirelessly communicating that to the pump? That’s what we really need to move forward.

  5. Tesney
    Tesney April 19, 2007 at 10:47 am | | Reply

    Looks interesting. I just hope that one of these pump manufacturers will come out with a dependable pump/continuous BG monitor in one before it’s time for me to upgrade in a couple of years!

  6. Penny
    Penny April 19, 2007 at 12:25 pm | | Reply

    My son has the Animas 1250 and this is the first I’ve really heard about the 2020. I didn’t see anything listed except for a few software things (that I don’t even use) and the new screen, that Riley’s pump doesn’t have already.

    Now, having said that, I do love his 1250. So, if someone is in the market for a new pump, the 2020 might be the way to go. But, it’s not enticing enough for me to want to upgrade.

  7. Kathleen Weaver
    Kathleen Weaver April 19, 2007 at 7:34 pm | | Reply

    Mine is due to ship next week.

    I’ve decided to get it as it has features that the 1250 doesn’t have that will make my life easier.

    Mostly recording carb and blood sugar readings. In fact, I was surprised that the 1250 did not have that feature when it came, but it was a memory issue.

    As I understand things the 2020 is the same case as the 1250, just the screen and guts are different but I’ll let you know when mine comes.

  8. Jan Roach
    Jan Roach May 16, 2007 at 11:41 am | | Reply

    Our new Animas 2020 is due in a few days. Our primary reason for changing is that presently, you cannot change the Insulin to Carb Ratio before noon (her lunch). There is one setting for 8am to noon. If we were not in contact with the nurse at lunch anyway errors would have been made in her lunchtime bolus as her ratio for breakfast is 1:10, lunch is 1:14. Big difference. Also, at the time we purchased the pump, we just ASSUMED blood sugars entered into the pump were stored so we could download her pump on to the computer. This was not the case and for us it is a huge issue. We would like to computerize her diabetes care. The new pump addresses both these issues. I have heard Animas has another upgrade coming some time next year. Nanopump,perhaps? Dare I still hope?

  9. sandra
    sandra December 8, 2007 at 6:54 am | | Reply

    I realy want a insulin pomps animas,because it looks very good,but i dont now it is true.And how much this is pomp?

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