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Design Matters

For those of us who live with diabetes devices every day, this is so NOT NEWS.  But somehow the folks in medical R&D haven’t entirely picked up on the concept that medical gadgetry needs to be sleek and convenient, and OMG — maybe even cool-looking. We LIVE with this stuff day-in and day-out, for God’s sake.
Why is it that Apple can spend millions designing the perfect — and perfectly aesthetic — little machine just…

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Very Brief GlucoBand Update

The GlucoBand lives!  I was able to contact the company, Calisto Medical, today.  Hoorah!  An unnamed executive was willing to share the following and nothing else:
1)  The product is still in development, and being carefully studied for effectiveness.
2)  They are now targetting the end of 2007 for potential widespread availability.
3) They’re hoping to make the product affordable enough for every average patient. (As you know, insurance reimbursement always lags on new products…

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Too Sexy for My… Pod?

So here it is.  One of the big perplexities of insulin pumping: Am I sexy with this thing on?  I know, I know, sexy is as sexy does.  But still…
As I mentioned the other day, a fellow OmniPod-er recently wrote to me:  “Somebody mentioned that (the pods) looked like ‘tumors’ and I just can’t get that image out of my mind.  I am concerned about their sex appeal even though my husband said he…

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Anniversary and a Challenge (Ice Breaker)

I’ve been so busy, I almost forgot to celebrate: the beginning of March marked two full years of Wow! Aside from the mind-numbing amount of time this diabetic butt has spent in a chair while compiling blog entries, consider the stats:
- 441 posts
- 107 trackbacks
- 161 Bloglines subscribers (just one single subscriber behind TheDiabetesBlog on that one!
- 4 blogging awards (if you count the honorable mention among…

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