Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon: Raisin’ Some $$ for The Cause

Kevin_baconAnyone remember that goofy Internet game Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon?  Well, yeah, it was originally intended to lampoon him and all celebrities and their hangers-on.  But good for Kev, for turning it into something useful.  He’s recently launched a new fundraising networking site called that’s supporting any charity of your choice with a chance of winning a matching donation from Kevin himself of up to $10,000!

And it didn’t take our enterprising D-Community long to catch on.  Raising money for the JDRF are:

Carol Cachey, mom of Type 1

Eddie the Dawg

Michael McCall, Nashville Scene

Allison Blass, LemonadeLife & DiabetesTeenTalk

… just to name a few.  You can create your own fundraising “badges” to post on your site (which for some exasperating reason I was unable to copy and post here).  The six with the highest number of donations by March 31st will each receive the matching donation of up to $10,000. So click away and give, my friends! Tourdecurelogo_1

Meanwhile, just a heads-up that I’ve got my own charity thing going this year.  I have signed up for the June 10 Tour de Cure Cycling Event in Silicon Valley, CA.  I signed on for the 25-mile route originally, since I’m kind of a wimp, but my hard-core-cyclist husband said that was “geriatric.”  So I’m shooting for the 50-mile deal now — contingent on everyone staying healthy around here so I can manage to train.  Visit my Tour de Cure page here.  Lots more about that soon enough :)


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  1. Rachel
    Rachel February 11, 2007 at 12:41 pm | | Reply

    Good luck with training!

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