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D-News You Can Use

Well Golly, why bother scrounging all around the Net for the hottest news in diabetes when you can read it all here?  Especially when I make it easy for you by smashing it all into one single post every 2 or 3 weeks or so?  Seriously now, I know it’s Monday. But take 5 minutes to read this stuff:
* Check out, a new online diabetes support group/ podcast put together by a very…

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Dear Pancreas (My Turn)

Our dear Kerri got me thinking with her “Open Letter to My Pancreas.”  And then little Demarco chimed in with his own version and was so wise and sweet and matter-of-fact about it all in one.  And then it dawned on me, I have a thing or two to say to that useless organ of mine as well:

Dear Pancreas,
For 37 years I hardly knew you existed.  So maybe it was a case of…

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Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon: Raisin’ Some $$ for The Cause

Anyone remember that goofy Internet game Six Degrees from Kevin Bacon?  Well, yeah, it was originally intended to lampoon him and all celebrities and their hangers-on.  But good for Kev, for turning it into something useful.  He’s recently launched a new fundraising networking site called that’s supporting any charity of your choice with a chance of winning a matching donation from Kevin himself of up to $10,000!
And it didn’t take our enterprising D-Community…

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Much Ado About Januvia: What It Doesn’t Do

Lots of press recently about Merck’s brand spankin’ new Type 2 diabetes drug, Januvia. Patients seem to like it. The EU likes it. So Wall Street likes it, too.  What is so wonderful about this new oral with the Shakespearean name?
Here’s what I found out, explained from my extremely laymen’s point-of-view:
In addition to insulin, our bodies release certain “incretin hormones” called GLP-1 and GIP.  In a healthy body, the ideal amount is released…

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My “True Life Story” in 3.6 Minutes

OK, time to come clean.  The other thing I was doing on my recent trip to New York was visiting with a dynamic new company called HealthiNation (pronounced healthY-nation).  This group is busy creating the first “on-demand health video network,” i.e. a series of informative and instructional videos that help “everyday people” understand the complexities of all sorts of health issues and medical disorders. Viewers can purchase the videos directly off the website, or pick…

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