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Fighting For My Life

Time for an update on my campaign to become an insulin pumper.  Ouch. Painful experience dealing with Blue Shield, so far.  Enormous amount of time spent explaining to perfect strangers — from the HR reps at my husband’s company to various “reimbursement managers” to a parade of officials at Blue Shield (forthwith to be referred to as ‘BS’) itself — why I ought to get medical coverage for a life-sustaining device that my doctors have…

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Nothing Like a Good Group Gripe

This Wednesday evening I had the privilege of speaking at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute in San Diego, alongside its founder Dr. William Polonksy.  Not that we gave formal lectures or anything.  In fact, the session was a great communal discussion of everything that’s exasperating and frightening about living with diabetes — a really good “group gripe” that I’m surprised to say I thoroughly enjoyed.
Isn’t it kind of twisted to feel energized by a room…

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Showdown Time

Stem cell research and universal health insurance are slamming through the headlines this week, ay? 
First off, the Democrats are “staging a second showdown” over use of embryonic stem cells, pushing for expanded taxpayer-funded research using the controversial cells.  According to the Associated Press, polls show that a majority of Americans support embryonic stem cell research — and Democrats insist that the public demanded action by casting ballots for stem cell supporters in the November…

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Meanwhile, Back in the Blogosphere…

A few things happened while I was blissfully off-line for a week (gasp!)
The Diabetes OC (Online Community) has been busy, for one.  The results of the 2nd annual Diabetes OC Blog Awards are in.  I am honored to be named “best female blogger” for 2006.  THANK YOU kindly to everyone who voted. 
Top honors this year went to Diabetes Self-Management, a new pro blog from the magazine of same name written by a team…

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Squeeze A Little Lime On It

Heavenly comes to mind, but doesn’t quite do our week justice.  Let’s call it Tropical Paradise WKND (with kids, no diapers).  Honestly, it was our first vacation in 9-1/2 years without pampers, wet wipes, strollers, or nap times.  We swam in the sparkling ocean and basked in the glorious sunshine.  We kayaked and snorkled and hiked a little (straining not to faint in the sticky heat) and drank cocktails before noon.  We ate spicey grilled…

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