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FoxNews Best Health Blogs List!

Hey there, I was so excited I forgot to mention yesterday: was featured on’s new list of Best Blogs – 10 Health Websites Worth A Click.  Cool!
Dr. Manny Alvarez is the managing editor of health news at, and a regular medical contributor on the FOX News Channel. He apparently sniffs out the best-of-the-web stuff regularly.  My new favorite online doc! Even though he’s not an endo… …

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Healthy Eating as a Marketing Toy

The push and pull is simply insane. No wonder people get all crazy in their heads about eating and gaining/losing weight.  I was at the dentist’s office thumbing through a copy of Woman’s Day last week and hit an article about choosing the healthiest foods; smack in the middle of the first page of this article was an ad featuring the goopiest-looking piece of apple pie you’ve ever seen, with the tagline: “there’s only one…

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Information Therapy – Quick, Cheap and Indispensable

A fascinating concept, this.  The idea is simply that “giving the patient information relevant to his or her current moment in care” will improve the patient’s overall health and outcomes. Ahem, yeeeesss, that could help.
You might be surprised to learn that volumes of research papers and even official medical conferences have been built around this concept.  Check out, non-profit center that “aims to advance the practice and science of information therapy to improve…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 10: When Partners Clash Over Doctor’s Care

Welcome back again to the Diabetic Partner Follies, where the significant others of the PWDs (people with diabetes) are invited to vent. This week, we feature another double-diabetic household, in which one is none-to-happy with the other’s medical providers. A new kind of sticky wicket. Hopefully, you all out in the Community can offer some advice here. (And remember, if you’d like to submit a post, email me here.)
So, Amy, you haven’t heard from…

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