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Diab-entity Crisis

Sometime in the middle of last week, as I was gazing at my blog banner and mulling over my next post, I had a kind of out-of-body sensation for a moment: Am I still the same person who started this blog nearly two years ago?  Do I still feel the same way about my disease that I did then?  How many years do you have to have diabetes before the “marvel” wears off?  i.e. before…

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World Diabetes Day

Today is the day.  World Diabetes Day, that is, a “celebration” held every year on Nov. 14, organized by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) to promote global awareness of the diabetes world.  Nov. 14 apparently “commemorates the birthday of Frederick Banting, who, along with Charles Best, is credited with the discovery of insulin in 1921.”
According to the authorities, diabetes is on the rise in almost every…

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A Frank Chat with Kaiser Permanente

Since we love to gripe about healthcare providers, but rarely get a chance to talk with them frankly, I was excited to recently run into some executives from Kaiser Permanente (KP) at a healthcare blogging event.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Kaiser is America’s leading integrated health care organization with a unique nonprofit business model (and also those cool “your-couch-is-a-carb” / Thrive commercials).
They are very interested in Social Media, so it didn’t take too…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 8: Lowest of the Lows

Welcome Folks, to the continuing Diabetic Partner Follies, our special “revue” of what life is like from the other side of the glucose meter.  Partners and loved ones are encouraged to share their experiences — good, bad, or otherwise — with the community.   (To submit your 2 cents, email me here)
This week, I received an email from Kim W, wife of a Type 1 in Ohio “aka the Blood Sugar Police.”   She writes: “After…

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2nd Annual D-Blog Day

Today is the second annual D-Blog Day, a day of rejoicing over our ever-growing community of diabetes blogs.  Did I tell you lately that I love you guys?! (sniffle…)
As you know, there’s lots happening in the D-blog community, including of course nominations *now open* for the 2nd Annual D-Blog Awards. Apparently the policy is that last year’s winners don’t appear as nomination options, but will appear on the final ballot, so please keep me…

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