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Gary Hall, Jr.: Real Man for the JDRF

I just couldn’t let this one pass by: In a slightly embarrassing macho-cheesy advertising campaign, our PWD hero Gary Hall, Jr. (Olympic Swimmer extraordinaire) is the first-ever “Real Man” for a Barbasol Shaving Cream campaign to help fund the JDRF.  Actually, he has been the “Real Man” since last Spring, but I just noticed him a few days ago on my hubby’s can of Barbasol.  Huh?
“Barbasol Real Men consistently perform in situations when it…

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Navigator Study: Foiled by the Skin

I have seen the future of CGMS, and it looks pretty damn good.  OK, I admit, I just caught a glimpse, ’cause I was disqualified for a current study of the Abbott FreeStyle Navigator in the last round due to potential “skin allergies to medical adhesives.”  Curse those DexCom shower patches (which irritate my skin and made me look iffy here). Curse them!
Anyway, the Navigator is reportedly hekka accurate.  Even my new endo says…

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Pop Quiz: Are You Holiday-Ready?

No, really.  Are you ready for the season of making merry by way of overeating and drinking?
If there’s one thing I’ve learned about “eating diabetic,” it’s that I only feel deprived when I’m around others who are munching away, carefree-like.  Crap!  I can’t just eat that.  It’s not that simple, you know!  Well, yeah, I could eat it, but my whole BG day will go to hell.  Oh, nevermind…
Want to find out how…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 9: Support Group Faux Pas

Greetings, people who care about diabetes and about the people who have it.  This week’s edition of The Diabetic Partner Follies is a special treat.  I had queried John Close, British hubby of the smart and extremely successful diabetes industry consultant Kelly Close, about his experiences being virtually saturated with the disease in both their private and professional lives.  What came back was completely unexpected, and made me laugh.  You should have seen my husband…

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