Happy Thanksgiving! (Get Your Stocking Stuffers Here)

Happy Thanksgiving, People!  Strange, actually, to be wishing PWDs a happy time on such a voracious day of eating.  My plan is to stick to no more than 2 carb choices (yams and cranberries — I’ll skip the mashies and pie), and to use my nifty new food scale to count ‘em up.  Lucky for me, the party’s at my place, so I’ll have my scale nearby.  Shoulda done this years ago.

Meanwhile, I have much to be thankful for:Turkey

- a beautiful, healthy and loving family

- including life partner whom I adore

- great community/friends

- the Internet, which enables me to have a “second life” involving lots of wonderful people who share my experiences in the Diabetes World (Pumping Turkey courtesy of DiabetesTalkfest)

- relative good health, despite this @#$! disease

- Oh, and The Miracle of Timing, which has allowed my to bring my BG levels down significantly over the last week (I’m dosing early; more on that soon)

Now, while we’re on the topic, let’s turn our attention to holiday shopping for a moment:


The brand-spanking new DiabetesMine.com Memento Shop is open for business.  (I can hardly beleive it myself).  DBMine T-shirts, mugs, stickers and mousepads look great under your Tree, or next to your Menorah.  Honest!  And they’re just a click away… Enjoy.


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  1. Manny Hernandez
    Manny Hernandez November 24, 2006 at 5:16 am | | Reply

    Yours are good suggestions.

    As for me, I am happy today I am on my last day of a steroid they gave me (along with an antibiotic) to deal with a bronchitis I was diagnosed with last weekend…

    What I found was that the steroid COMPLETELY messes up with your values. I’ve battling to have them under control, to later find out (had my endo follow-up appt. this Wednesday) that there’s simply no way to manage BG values when under a steroid. Good it’s going to be gone today!

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