[Chronic Disease] Vixen

Ah, a few days after Halloween seems like an ideal time to mention Cancer Vixen, Marisa Acocella Marchetto’s  new “graphic novel” (comic book on steroids?) about her own face-off with “grim reaper”Cancer_vixen aka breast cancer — and how she kicked its butt, in 5-inch heels no less!

Love Vixens? Love gutsy people who Just Say NO to chronic disease?  Then you will want to watch the animated promo, HERE.

I’ve thumbed through this book in a Barnes and Noble recently, but have literally not had a minute to sit down for any extracurricular reading.  What I do know from reviews is that this little volume inlcudes “haunting drawings of cancer’s victims, whom (the author) places up in the clouds, still grouped in the “cancer clusters” in which they died…  cancer cells under the microscope are little green circles sticking out their tongues and giving you the finger; the grim reaper wields a vacuum cleaner; her higher self is a floating, one-eyed yogi with amazing abs.”

Read the NY Times review HERE.

Hey Chronic Disease Pals, how can you not love this Sassy Lady’s attitude?  I’m now inspired for the title of my next book: How about Diabetes Tart?


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  1. Roxanne
    Roxanne November 30, 2009 at 1:01 am | | Reply

    Great one. I admire brave people. Especially those who have cancer, they are all inspirations to us.

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