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(Medical Supply) Dreams Do Come True

Who remembers a while back when I was bemoaning the lack of a vial protector product that fit a Lantus bottle?  Not even those nifty little InSure vial protectors are thin enough to fit those tall, skinny and delicate Lantus vials.  What's a PWD taking Lantus to do?
Happily, Necessity is the Mother of Invention, and I've just discovered their whereabouts:
Renee T. of Regato Enterprises, Ltd., in Illinois wrote me recently to say: "My…

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The Miracle of Timing

A wonder has occurred.  One of my own making, I might add.  Wasn't it me who said the 'T' in RUT was for Troubleshoot?  Well, I'm proud to say this time I've had miraculous results.
The new strategy I'm testing is injecting at least 20 minutes (to half an hour) before eating, and for about 10 days now, things have been GOOD.  It's absolutely Earth-shaking to see my post-prandial BG levels drop from 240+ to…

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The Book I Did Write

So I didn't write the Great American Diabetes Narrative, nope.  But what I dreamed of doing was offering a clear instruction manual on how to manage your own health with diabetes -- the kind of book I certainly could have used but couldn't find when I was diagnosed.
Author James Hirsch writes of a growing divide between diabetic haves and have-nots -- a world in which "an elite corps of highly motivated, educated, and financially…

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The Book I Wish I Wrote

Welcome back from Thanksgiving break, everybody. I hope it was an enjoyable one.  You did pretty well on food choices?  Personally, I'm still bloated.  Bought reams of salad yesterday for the "cleansing" peroid
In any case, what I wanted to share was that I spent some time this weekend with James S. Hirsch's new book, Cheating Destiny: Living with Diabetes, America's Biggest Epidemic.  I'm about halfway through it now, but it only took me about…

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Happy Thanksgiving! (Get Your Stocking Stuffers Here)

Happy Thanksgiving, People!  Strange, actually, to be wishing PWDs a happy time on such a voracious day of eating.  My plan is to stick to no more than 2 carb choices (yams and cranberries -- I'll skip the mashies and pie), and to use my nifty new food scale to count 'em up.  Lucky for me, the party's at my place, so I'll have my scale nearby.  Shoulda done this years ago.
Meanwhile, I have…

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