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Judgement Day: Disappointed

This is a sorry post to have to pen, folks.  I had such high hopes.  I wish the news were better.  But  after three full months of futzing around with my new DexCom continuous monitor, calibrating and charging and re-initiating at every turn, my A1c has not made significant improvement.
I'm at 7.1 -- up, in fact, from the 6.9 result I got at the (potentially iffy) on-site testing at the ADA Conference back in…

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Goodbye Normalcy, Hello Emotional Roulette

Who among us can remember the days before our diabetes diagnosis?  Back when we were “normal” -- meaning we could eat and do as we pleased without a single thought involving glucose, carbohydrates, medications, or complications?
Nowadays we carry our meds and our monitoring devices.  We look at food as a math equation.  We have good days and bad days -- temperate days, and days where we're riding the Glucose Roller Coaster, which always makes…

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Ultra Mini and Virtual Tracker: Less, and More

Backing up just a little to somewhat more traditional diabetes technology, I'm overdue in introducing two new products showcased at this summer's AADE conference:
* The OneTouch UltraMini, a variation on LifeScan’s compact-sized Horizon meter (pitcured here),  which is available only overseas.  It's cute, ay?  The motto on the new UltraMini model is "no bells, no whistles, no complicated screens... testing made small and simple."  Its memory saves only your last 50 glucose readings (hence…

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