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Our New Book, Unveiled

So you know I've been working on a "mystery book" for a while.  Well, it's time for the wrapper to come off! Even though the cover design isn't finished yet; this one's just a temporary placeholder.
I've been privileged to co-author this book with Dr. Richard Jackson of the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.  We're calling it the "first-ever, hands-on guide to achieving a long and healthy life with diabetes." It actually tells people in…

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Everything I Need to Know I Learned at TCOYD

Last year, I attended the first Northern California iteration of the fabulous Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) conference series.  I was blown away by: 1) how informative a one-day event can be, 2) how fun and motivating it was {even when sacrificing an entire precious Saturday}, and 3) how many hundreds -- no thousands! -- of other people with diabetes {and all the same questions and frustrations} live right in my area. Oh-so-definitely worth…

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Exit, Stage Left

This is a public service announcement:  Have you seen/heard the news that BD is pulling out of the glucose monitoring market? 
That's right.  A casualty of the diabetes marketing wars, seeing nothing but "a bleak future in an increasingly competitive marketplace."   One less vendor offering glucose monitors.
Any loyal BD Logic users out there?  Fret not; help is on the way.  J&J LifeScan, Roche, Abbott, and Bayer Diabetes are all jumping in to offer former…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 7: Moral (Not Pharma) Support

Welcome Again, one and all, to the Diabetic Partner Follies, the ongoing "showcase" of life with the PWDs (people with diabetes). Here partners and loved ones share their experiences -- good, bad, or otherwise -- for the benefit of the community.
Got something to share? Email me here to participate.
This week, Kim McAllister who blogs over at Scared to Health shares a snippet from her life.  Kim is a registered nurse and the wife…

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Taste Sensations

I'm always reminding PR people that this ain't your typical "diabetic Web site": I don't post weight-loss tips or recipes.  I'm not looking for the low-carb "magic bullet."  But OK, there are some food items that are of special interest to PWDs like me.  Here are a few of them that I've tried (or especially liked) lately:
* The new all-natural sweetener called Sweet Simplicity. The samples the company offered finally arrived, and I must…

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